TED talk: happiness or meaning?

For me, this is the best TED talk ever. I love TED talks and they are a great way to practice English. I specially love the talks about life, science and psychology. Originally, back in the 80's, TED was meant to be about technology, entertainment and design (hence the name), but now it covers any topic of public interest and has expanded to other conferences that use the TED-style talks format. Its mission is to "nurture the spread of powerful ideas".

In this talk, Emily Smith talks about the difference between happiness and meaning. She spent five years interviewing hundreds of people and reading about psychology, neuroscience and philosophy. She came up with four pillars for a meaningful life. This talk was particularly special to me as I watched it when I was transitioning careers and looking for my professional purpose.

1) Belonging

"It's a choice of interacting to people meaningfully and creating bounds."

2) Purpose

"It's the use of your strengths to help others and it gives people something to live for."

3) Transcendence

"To feel connected to a higher reality."

4) Storytelling

"The story you tell yourself about yourself. Creating a narrative about

yourself brings clarity and helps you understand how you became you."

"Happiness comes and goes, but meaning is permanent and gives you something to hold on to."