How to brush up your English during the pandemic

I have been talking to several students from different countries and they all tell me the same story: "I need to resume my English studies now that I have more time", "I should take this extra time and invest in my English". They are 100% right to think like that. People tend to procrastinate at least two things in life: physical exercise and learning a language. However, we must somehow make that extra effort and at least take the first step. Here are my tips for you.

1) If you are a beginner, find a good professional English teacher

When we are lost and don't know how to begin, the best idea is to look for a professional that will design personalized English classes for you to reach your objective faster. Don't waste time trying to watch random videos on Youtube or taking different short courses here and there. What you need is someone to design a customized strategy for you. Having objectives and knowing where to go is fundamental.

2) If you have already studied English, know how your English is now

Unless you have forgotten absolutely everything about the language, you need to know what you still remember about the language. Take a placement test to have an idea. Use one of the links below. They take you to free online tests with results at the end.

The international scale you should have in mind is the following:

After knowing your current level, you can look for appropriate materials online to study by yourself. You can use apps and sites to help you interact with other speakers and develop your oral skills. ESL Video is a great option.

If you are in a hurry and need to develop your skills faster, look for a professional to design a more objective plan for you.

3) If you are able to communicate in English and need to lose the fear of talking to others, join a fun multicultural group

Many professionals already speak English fluently, but, since they don't have the chance to talk often, they need to find a way to keep practicing the language. If that is your case, you should join a group that can motivate you. Nothing substitutes practice when it comes to language learning.

4) If you have the chance to talk daily, but need to learn more complex structures, look for grammar lessons

Grammar lessons don't need to be boring and you don't need to take them by yourself. Actually, it is ideal that you have fun while studying. Use fun apps and games to increase your vocabulary, interactive quizzes and videos online. If you can't afford private lessons, join a group with people who are in the same level. By doing so, you will be able to learn new structures and practice them orally at the same time.

If you are low-intermediate, check this online group.

If you are high-intermediate, check this online group.

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